As a group of professionals well-versed in helicopters,
we guarantee you safe and reliable services.

Rotorcraft Repair Business

Permit No. 68

Certified BK117 maintenance and operation center

Certification No. 093


Supporting Safe Operations with reliable maintenance skills
for BK117 Series Helicopters

Central Helicopter Service commenced its maintenance service for BK117 series helicopters in 1992. Since then, we have consistently provided these services. We maintain, repair and modify approximately forty BK117 series helicopters per year. We also sell aircraft parts and other related products to our customers. As specialists in BK117 series helicopters, we will continue to strive to ensure customer satisfaction through safe and reliable service.


BK117 Maintenance Center

Certified by Kawasaki Heavy Industries

We offer MRO and modification services specialized in BK117 series helicopters as the only Maintenance Center for model BK117 helicopters that is specially authorized by Kawasaki in Japan.
Ex) BK117C-2, H145/BK117D-3

Inspection and Maintenance

We will guide you through the inspection and maintenance process for airworthiness inspections.

01 Inspections and Maintenance


As a Kawasaki-authorized maintenance center, we have in-depth knowledge of the characteristics of the BK117 series helicopter. Leveraging our extensive experience and expertise, we inspect aircrafts during maintenance and post-maintenance to verify compliance with standards (issue an Authorized Release Certificate).


Image:Pre-completion inspection work

Pre-completion inspection work

Image:MR head removal work

MR head removal work

Image:Radio equipment removal work

Radio equipment removal work

Image:Engine inspection work

Engine inspection work

Image:Flight control rod installation work

Flight control rod installation work

Image:Measuring engine oil press

Measuring engine oil press

Image:TR dynamic balance adjustment work

TR dynamic balance adjustment work

Image:Ground run

Ground run

Image:Ground run instrument check work

Ground run instrument check work

02 Renewal of the Airworthiness Certificate in Japan

Being one of JCAB* approved organizations, we inspect the aircraft on behalf of the JCAB. We will put the finishing touches on the aircraft, and make sure we deliver the aircraft to our customers in absolutely perfect condition.
*Japan Civil Aviation Bureau

Repair and Modification

01 Design and Parts Manufacturing

Image:Design and Parts Manufacturing

Verify Requirements

We listen to customer needs and advise them about repair and modification. Subsequently, we design and manufacture the parts and develop the equipment.

Adjust specifications Adjust repair and modification content of the aircraft with customers
Design Conduct conceptual and in-depth studies and create designs
Create work instruction documents Develop comprehensive repair and modification instructions
Parts manufacturing Manufacture parts for repair and modification
02 Repair and Modification

Image:Repair and Modification

Repair and Modification

In our hangar, we handle every process from design, installation and testing, to inspection.

Disassembly and modification Detachment of equipment, sheet metal work, painting and electrical wiring, etc.
Testing and inspection Ground tests and flight tests to check functions and electromagnetic interference
03 JCAB Inspection of Repair or Alteration

Image:JCAB Inspection of Repair or Alteration

We have extensive experience and skills in repair or modification. Even in large-scale work, we are able to provide high-quality services that do not affect airworthiness and adapt to the JCAB standards.

04 Development
and Sale of Equipment

Image:Development and Sale of Equipment

At Central Helicopter Service, we develop (design and manufacture) equipment (including installation methods) based on market research to meet customer needs. We have obtained numerous Supplemental Type Certificates (STC) and offer equipment kits and installation services (repair and modification).


Equipment Installation
Track Record

Central Helicopter Service excels in modifying helicopters to install equipment. By installing STC-acquired equipment on the same type of aircraft, it is possible to streamline processes and reduce development costs. Below are some examples.

Image:External camera

External Camera

This camera can capture angles which are difficult to see from the ground, making it suitable for news reporting, rescue and search operations, surveillance, etc. (the photo shows the camera equipped with a multipurpose step)


Image:Camera mount

Camera Mount STC*

A device for mounting an external camera. There are two installation formats, one that is installed on the nose and another one installed at the tip of the multipurpose step.*The one installed on the nose is STC*


Image:Antenna lifting device

Deployable Airborne Tracking Antennas

This antenna is vertically adjustable. It is used to transmit camera footage to the ground. Extending the antenna below the skids optimizes communication quality and range.


Image:Pilot monitor

Pilot Monitor

A monitor mounted outside the instrument panel that displays camera footage and the current location.

Map information display device and ELECTRO-OPTICAL SYSTEM

Image:Touch panel display

Touch Panel Display

A monitor mounted on the top of the multipurpose frame beam structure in the front of the cabin that displays the current location. Uses a touchscreen panel.

Map information display device

Image:Controller (radio)

Controller (Radio)

Radio device for rescue and firefighting operations.

Wireless firefighting/disaster prevention device

Image:Fire extinguishing tank device

Fire Extinguishing Tank Device STC

A fire extinguishing water tank capable of releasing up to approximately 980 liters of water from above a fire, with additional water supply through a hose.

Fire extinguishing tank device

Image:Telephone adapter

Telephone Adapter STC

This device is mounted on the center console or cabin ceiling; it is capable of conducting satellite phone calls and volume adjustment.

Satellite phone device

Image:Bar grip

Bar Grip STC

This device is mounted on the cabin sidewall. It is used for hanging safety belts and maintaining proper posture.

Bar grip

In-house Design

Image:Operator rack

Operator Rack

A cabin-mounted rack equipped with monitors, controllers, and other devices for operating and checking systems.

Operator Workstation for EOS

Image:Equipment storage rack

Equipment Storage Rack

A cabin-mounted rack equipped with devices for recording and system data processing.

Operator Workstation for EOS

Image:Sensor pod

Sensor Pod STC*

A device mounted behind the step to monitor surroundings with LiDAR and cameras.
*Planned sales of parts developed in collaboration with Kawasaki Heavy Industries only

Helicopter obstacle detection system