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Education and Training

Education and Training

We have various training courses about BK117 series for commercial pilots and mechanics who are active in many areas.
Skilled trainers support to obtain the license, and they bring up competent work-ready pilots and expert mechanics.
We have produced hundreds of commercial pilots and class 1 aircraft meintenance engineers.



  • Additional Type Rating(for who have lisence of commercial pilot)
  • Difference Training(for who have lisence of BK117 pilot)
  • Instrument Rating(for who have lisence of BK117 pilot)
  • CAT-A recurrent
  • Difference Training(for who have lisence of class 1 or 2 aircraft maintenance engineers.)

02Track Record

The total number of trainees exceed 600, and it also boasts a high pass rate in the practical test.


Total number of examinees 258 Pass rate 99%

As of Mar, 2021


Total number of examinees 338 Pass rate 96%

As of Mar, 2021

03About Training

  • flight training

    flight training

    Experienced pilot's highly skill and detailed coaching will facilitate your pass the examination.

  • maintenance training

    maintenance training

    As a "Specially Designed Maintenance Center of Kawasaki",By usinig abundant teaching materials and guidance from mechanics who have reliable technique,it is possible to master the skill early.

  • classroom lecture

    classroom lecture

    carrying out various courses.

04Training Facility

Headquarters Training Classroom(Nagoya)
Training Facility
Shikabe airfield(Hokkaido)
AERO ASAHI administration
(TOYOTA motor Corporation possession)
Training Facility

Conducting pilot training at Shikabe Airfield in Shikabe-cho, Hokkaido.
Since this airfield is not affected by flight restrictions like air traffic control and noisecomplain,you can finish the training in a short time due to flexible scheduling.

Flight Operation

Flight Operation

We take advantage of the helicopter's mobility and are engaged in flight to suit various needs of customers.
In addition, we are contributing greatly to the region and society to back up various activities as crisis management / life saving by disaster helicopter and critical care by HEMS.

Based on "Sticking to the Basics", we will thoroughly do safe flight operation.

01Sightseeing fligft and passenger transport

  • Sightseeing fligft and passenger transport

    We are conducting passenger transportation to areas where there are no plane lines, remote islands and land roads that take time.Also, we are conducting sightseeing flights according to customer's request. We promise great time reduction and comfortable space.

    VIP transport
    sightseeing flight at some events
    passengers transport for companies and organizations

02Photo and News mission

  • Photo and News mission

    Assist shooting photos and videos of insidents and accidents.Besides, appearance to film and television, various events, aerial photograph etc.

    Aerial photographing
    aerial photographing for Tvnews, Newspaper and so on.
    Appearance to TV and movies.

03HEMS operation

  • HEMS operation

    Introduced doctor helicopter for the first time in Japan.
    We contributes to many life-saving.

    School corporation Kawasaki Gakuen Kawasaki Medical School Hospital
    School Corporation Juntendo Juntendo University Shizuoka Hospital
    National University Corporation Gifu University Hospital
    Shimane Prefectural Central Hospital
    Fukui Prefectural Hospital

04Consignment operation

  • Consignment operation

    Send pilots, mechanics and aircraft dispatchers, and assist life saving and disaster prevention.

    Gifu Air Rescue unit
    Shimane Air Rescue unit
    Fukui Air Rescue unit

05Medical Evacuation

  • Medical Evacuation

    Conveyance for patients with doctors and nurses.Transportation like long distance conveyances between hospitals that cannot do by HEMS, however Medical evacuation can conduct connecting facilities to the facility.It is possible to reduce the burden on patients and the time of transportation.

    Placement of medical helicopter at international sports events.
    Assist patients to change hospitals.



We execute inspection, Maintenance, Repair and Alteration of many Helicopters.(ex, Police Depertment, Fire Depertment,Air Rescue)
We meet custmer's demand based on advanced Technic in order that you operate safe flight.

  • Maintenance Business of Rotor Wings
  • Authorized Maintenance Workplace of BK117
  • Authorized by Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.
    Specially-Designed Maintenance Center of Kawasaki

01Repair and Alteration

We are doing from design, development,repair and alteration,There are many cases for expand operational scope about BK117.We have a wealth of work experience and we also gain STCs.


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Outside Camera
Outside Camera
6.5 inches Display for co-pilot
6.5 inches Display for co-pilot
Nose Mount
Nose Mount
Fire extinguishing tank
Fire extinguishing tank

02Inspection and maintenance

Aircrafts need to be maintenanced once a year to flight safety.
We maintenance around 30 aircrafts a year,We are trusted by our maitenance based on accumulated experiences and know-how of our staff who are familiar with BK117.


-Metropolitan Police Department -Local government -Private enterpris


Look of Maintenance

  • Inspection of the shaft that transmits power of the engine to the transmission.

    Inspection of the shaft that transmits power of the engine to the transmission.

  • Inspect engine interior using Borescope (endoscope).

    Inspect engine interior using Borescope (endoscope).

  • Using the three hydraulic jacks,measure the weight center of gravity of the airclaft.

    Using the three hydraulic jacks,measure the weight center of gravity of the airclaft.