Education and Training

We train professionals such as pilots
and maintenance engineers to take charge of safe operations.


About the BK117 Type C series Training

This course starts with theoretical training where you can gain insights from pilot and maintenance engineer instructors. This ensures you develop a profound understanding of helicopter systems.
The training aligns with the latest global trends, empowering you to utilize the acquired skills and knowledge to stay abreast of future updates on helicopters.

About the H145/BK117 Type D Training Made by the Partnership of Three Companies

Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Aero Asahi and us cooperate to provide the training for H145/BK117 type D series pilots and maintenance engineers based on the training plan formulated by Kawasaki Heavy Industries.
For pilot training, our pilot instructors (*1) are in charge of overall flight training using the H145/BK117 type D series and the Aero Asahi’s FTD (*2).
A unique and efficient training course is created to provide you with practical and tangible effects.

*1) Our pilot instructors are approved by Airbus Helicopters Germany as Kawasaki H145/BK117 Training Center flight instructors.
*2) Flight Training Devices that simulate the BK117 Type D-3 (JCAB certified level 5).

Training Content

Since we started our training business in 1993, we have consistently provided training on the BK117 series helicopters and have trained countless pilots and mechanics both domestically and internationally thanks to our extensive training experience and track record.

Flight Training

We offer type rating training, instrument flight training and other training for pilots by our experienced instructors.

*Type Rating Training

We initiate the training program at Nagoya headquarters of Central Helicopter Service with theoretical classes and an aircraft tour. Following this, participants undergo about 1.5 months of flight training at Shikabe Airfield in Hokkaido.
*Japanese license


Image:Limited Change Training

Instrument Flight Training

We offer this training for the operation of flights in the Instrument Flight Rules. The course begins with FTD training and theoretical training, followed by about 1.5 months of practical flight training at Shikabe Airfield in Hokkaido. During flight training, you will have the opportunity to fly from Shikabe Airfield to nearby airfields, enhancing the practicality of the program.


Image:Instrument Flight Training

Maintenance Training

Training to be a BK117 maintenance engineer who can be active in various fields.

Maintenance Engineering and *Type Rating Training

In theoretical and practical training spanning over 2.5 months, you will acquire the knowledge and skills aligned with Japan's technical standards.
*Japanese license


Image:maintenance items

Recurrent Training

For BK117 series helicopter skill certificate holders, we offer recurrent training about the latest technical information to help you maintain and enhance your knowledge and skills.
We also offer this training for H145/BK117 series helicopter users from other countries!


Image:Brush-Up Training Course

Theoretical Training

We offer diverse courses about H145/BK117 series helicopters.

Pilot Training

This course begins with theoretical training based on various manuals prior to the flight training. Here, pilot instructors and maintenance engineer instructors teach practical and in-depth content from their perspectives.


Image:Pilot Training

Maintenance Engineer Training

You will take the theoretical training in our headquarters that features an aircraft hangar. In our aircraft hangar, there are helicopters that our maintenance engineers are working on and helicopters we use in actual flight operations. This environment allows you to immediately apply your knowledge on a real helicopter, making it easier to understand. There are also some theoretical training courses with pilot instructors in which you are able to hear about how each system works during the flight.


Image:Mechanic Training

Facilities and

Medical Trainer (MeTra)

We installed a vibration generator and external video devices in MeTra to create an environment similar to real operations. Medical workers role-play various situations in MeTra to prepare for the medical emergencies on airlift. You also can have our instructor's lecture, monitoring the role playing inside of the MeTra from a big monitor in the training room.


Image:Medical Trainer (MeTra)

BK117 C-2

More than 20 years have passed since its first flight in Japan, and it has proven to be a very stable aircraft. It is equipped with an Automatic Flight Control System (AFCS).



H145/BK117 D-3

The latest model of the BK117 series helicopters, which is increasingly used in Japan. Compared to the Type C-2, it boasts more engine power to enhance stability in flight. Furthermore, the Automatic Flight Control System (AFCS) has significantly evolved, greatly enhancing flight safety.



Training Room (Headquarters)

Here, you can read our manuals and get access to the latest data from the Internet (thanks to installed free Wi-Fi). As the Kawasaki-authorized maintenance center, we have also many BK117 parts for hands-on learning.


Image:Training Classroom (Headquarters)

Avionic Desktop Trainer (ADT)

This training device simulates the cockpit of H145/BK117 Type D-2 and D-3. It has been designed to prepare pilots and flight personnel for simulator sessions. It covers emergency situations like device failures not experienced in real helicopter flight training. Using ADT in many training enhances your understanding of the aircraft.


Image:ADT(Avionic Desktop Trainer)

Shikabe Airfield (Hokkaido)

This private airfield is owned and managed by Aero Asahi. It is located about 30km from north of Hakodate Airport. It offers flexibility and effective training.


Image:Shikabe Airport (Hokkaido)

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